About CHV Noordkade (English)

‘At CHV Noordkade the mixing goes on and on’  

At the Noordkade in Veghel, beautifully situated on the old Harbour, is a feed mill for the production of agro-food in 1914 by the establishment of the de Coöperatieve Handels Vereniging (CHV)  (Cooperative Trade Association) created a large-scale industrial park. It would become the largest feed mill of Western Europe and is the birthplace of the current regional food industry in North Brabant. One hundred years later, silencing the machines, but leave the new CHV Noordkade is stirring. A combination of cultural businesses and entrepreneurs that continue mixing and mixing. Not of cereals, but of culture with food, business with art, commercial business with non-profit, leisure and learning with work and recreation. CHV Noordkade is a great place where there is always what to do. And it still offers plenty of room for new entrepreneurs.

New start

In 2008, the Veghelse construction company Van de Ven bought the area of 5.5 hectares and buildings. This comes to the realization that the historical complex should be preserved for future generations. For the rezoning is chosen in consultation with province and municipality for a food and culture cluster. At the end of 2012, the City Council agrees in the development and financing of the first phase. After that undergoes a major conversion part of the complex, where the special nature of the former factory fully preserved. About 8,000 m 2 now has a social and cultural destination. Here are the main cultural parties including MIK Pieter Brueghel now Phoenix Cultuur, Institute for art and music education, art group De Compagnie, Music Association Frisselstein en Festivalorganisation Fabriek Magnifique. A new full Theatre was finished in 2017. De Koekbouw also restored building is a characteristic event hall which has now discovered by businesses and organizations.

Other parties

But also other parties have within the dynamics of CHV Noordkade found their feet. As the INDUSTRY Service Cinema, which already received 100,000 visitors in the opening year and the second year that exceeded. Restaurant Silly Fox, uniquely located on the roof of the old silos, started as a pop-up restaurant by Maison van den Boer, now to stay and part of the JRE restaurants. SIEMei Museum with the aim of conservation of industrial heritage from the Meierij while at the same time own workshop plays a large role. Mid-2014 found the opening of ‘Wittern’ a particularly family restaurant and brewery De Vleeghel is also at that location brewing Veghels beer. Not to mention cafe The Afzakkerij; where millions of jute bags filled with chicken feed and every week about a thousand guests raise a glass or drink a cup of tea or coffee. End of 2015 the food cluster Proeffabriek / TasteFactory opened their doors with 11 food entrepreneurs. The Proeffabriek combines the sale of daily articles and delicacies (retail) and a learning environment where employees in the (food) be tomorrow’s consumer retail trained to operate.

Since 2 months a fully equipped theatre and ‘industrial garden’ connects the worlds of food and culture.